Sunday, June 26, 2011

One or two?

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Madison turned two on Friday. I don't know what is harder to believe, that she is two or that I have been a mom for two years.
I am currently struggling with the million dollar question, do we have another baby?
I love Madison and would love to have another baby, but I also know that another baby changes the dynamic of our family completely. Would she really benefit from having another sibling? Would I? Is it wrong to contemplate having another baby just because I like to sleep through the night, it is only temporary after all. Maybe there is no good answer. It;s probably true what people say... If you wait for the 'right' time to have a baby then you never will.
So to jump or not to jump? I guess only time will tell.
For now... lose the 15 lbs that Madison left on me, get skinny.. and have a decision by the fall.
Tomorrow - water and gym.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

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So does anyone think it's weird that their are moms' that think that Mother's Day is about having your husband hide your kids from you?

I thought it was about celebrating the fact that you have a family and are a Mother. Don't misunderstand me I could see getting to sleep in a little or even having a nice breakfast that you don't have to cook or clean up. I guess I just get lost with the idea that you would not want to be with you family on a day that is only important because you have a family.

I did not get an expensive present or an over-priced card, but I did get to have a lovely breakfast with my husband and son and get to go see Star Trek.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Son Social Calendar

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I was looking at my calendar for this week and realized that I have more appointments for social events for my son then I do for myself. I don't think that it's jealousy but how many things does a 4 yr old really need to do each week.

I don't remember having class socials with people that I went to school with. I think that I liked the people that I went to school with but I didn't see them out of the 8 to 3 class day. This must be the natural progression of things... fancy kid free dinners and nights out replaced by picnic lunches and knowing how to get to every playground in the area in my sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where does the day go??

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How is it that I can work pt from home/stay at home mommy and still never find enough hours in the day to get everything done? What do people do if they work all day?

There is always stuff to put away, laundry to be washed and someone or something to feed. I can not seem to even sit at a doctors office without taking in my laptop to try and get a few things done. Maybe this is how 'Real Life' is, just a long to-do list that never gets finished. No one told me that adulthood means being tired until you are dead.

Now I guess the real question is how I convince my husband that this stay at home mommy is in desperate need of a maid... And possibly an assistant.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goodbye Madden

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I can finally enjoy football season without the noise of John Madden. Don't get me wrong he is talented broadcaster, but I can not stand the sound of his voice. It has never been about what was coming out just the tone and pitch.

I feel like I have been given a little gift from the 'Football Gods'. At least if the Cowboys are going to let me down I don't have to hear about it from Madden.

P.S. And they say that God doesn't answer sports prayers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost Duck

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There is a beautiful Mallard duck that is living at the community pool in my neighborhood. I have seen him walking across the street and always worry that someone is going to make a Ducky Piard out of him.

He seems happy to be at the pool. I guess I would be also if all I did was swim around and look for stuff to eat. ( I kinda do that now.. sans the swimming part. ) Maybe I should devise a plan to move him to some real water.

I will update of any Duck Rescue Mission should I figure one out.

The meaning of Fix it with Cupcakes

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I have this theory...sugar fixes everything and balances out the bad. For example, chocolate covered raisins. Chocolate bad. Raisins good. It's like you are eating nothing at all. :) I am a firm believer that there is not much that a giant icing covered cupcake can not fix. I mean have you seen a sad person eating a cupcake?

Places like
Sprinkles in Dallas or The Cupcakery in Frisco just make the world a better place.

All of this cupcake talk... Is 9:00am too early for a cupcake?

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